Affiliates read carefully!

As of April 1st we will be launching our new affiliate program – Gogame Partners, powered by Income Access. Gogame Partners will now house our bingo and casino brands subsequently replacing both BingocamsPartners and FruitkingsPartners.
Read this communication carefully.

From April 1st you will need to login to check your statistics and payments. You can login with the same login details you use to access BingocamsPartners and FruitkingsPartners.**

Please make sure to check whether your account and banking details for all your affiliate accounts in Gogame Partners are up-to-date, from the 1st of April. Please contact us if you are missing anything.

There is no need to change your trackinglinks because at this point nothing changes in the Dutch market, we still don’t accept NL players and our signup pages have an IP block for NL visitors.

BingocamsPartners will remain live so that you can refer to your old statistics and invoices. It will remain accessible for a minimum of 3 months from April 1st.

* Inactive accounts and revenueless accounts are not imported in Gogame Partners.
* Login into Gogame Partners is possible from April 1st.

New contactdetails
Please take note of the new contact details for the Team.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your affiliate manager or send an email to