We make delivering traffic to our brands easy by providing a whole range of marketing material.


We provide our affiliate partners with branded logos in various different sizes and formats such as gif and transparent png, so that no matter how you have built your website you will find the logos that suit your design.


We are constantly updating our banners because we want to keep things fresh and make sure that banners are updated in line with our promotional plan. Typically, banners include welcome bonus banners, promotion- specific banners, game-specific banners and more, all in sizes and formats that allow effective marketing on web or mobile.

Screen shots

Using screenshots in your reviews of the Ingame brands enables you to show the player exactly what they can expect to see when playing at the site, so we have loads of screenshots available to use that include images of the product homepages, game lobby, cashier and individual games.

Brand Content

We recognise that it can be exceptionally time-consuming researching gaming websites to find out all about their history, bonuses, games and any other information that you want to include in your review of our brands. That’s why we have made available a handy document that outlines all the pertinent information for you.

News Content

We know that content is king online, especially as far as the search engines are concerned, so we provide regular newsworthy content about promotions, bonuses, game releases and more to enable you to drive more traffic and maximize your return, whilst improving your SEO rankings.

Video Content

As a company we pride ourselves on our marketing, and this of course includes video content. Increasingly video content is a great way to drive traffic on web or mobile, so we have provided this video content to our partners to use to effectively promote our brands.