Update April 8th: Login and Player data

April 8th – 15.00 pm
We had some serious problems last week with importing the player migration files of all brands into the Gogame platform. Late Friday evening all data was imported till April 4th. We just went over all data again to check it once more and all data is now up to date till April 7th.

You can now login into your account. You need to use a new password which is a combination of your ‘username+affiliateID’ (without +). Or you can use the link ‘Forgotten Password’. Note: It can take up to 30 minutes to receive this email.

Some affiliates still have problems login in because their account is locked (due too many attemps login in). Let us know and we will unlock your account.

Check account
Please make sure to that account and banking details for all your affiliate accounts in Gogame Partners are up-to-date. Please contact us if you are missing anything. BingocamsPartners will remain live so that you can refer to your old statistics and invoices. It will remain accessible for a minimum of 3 months from April 1st.

Tracking links
You can change the trackinglinks or PlaySunny UK and Bingocams UK.

If you have problems don’t hesitate to contact us.