Pay attention, fill in your banking details!

There are still a lot of affiliates who have not yet filled in their correct banking details or haven’t updated it the details correctly. For a smooth proces of the monthly payments, you need to make sure your banking details are filled in correctly and that you have selected the right currency at Electronic Transfer.

Log in to your Gogame account and go to ‘My Account’ -> ‘Affiliate Payment Preferences’ and follow these steps:

1 – Select the correct currency at Electronic Transfer (EUR or GBP) (dropdown menu). If you select the wrong currency, you still get paid but we will use a currency converter. Be sure to select the correct currency!
2 – Fill in your First Name, Last Name or Company Name. Fill in the corresponding name/company name of the given IBAN. You can fill in your company name at First Name and Last Name fields. For example: Dazzletag (first name) Entertainment LTD (last name) or Dazzletag (first name), LTD (last name).
3 – Fill in your IBAN and bank account number. IBAN is required.
4 – Name of your bank and Swift code.
5 – Your bank address
6 – To submit your details you must ‘Confirm your password’ on top of the page.