Change your tracking links before JULY 31st!

The end of BingocamsPartners
We finally say goodbye to BingocamsPartners. The program will remain accessible untill July 31st, so that you can refer to your old statistics and you can download all your past invoices. After July 31st we will no longer support BingocamsPartners, so this is your last call.

Replace tracking links before July 31st!
It’s now the time, if you haven’t done already, to replace all your trackinglinks of BingocamsPartners for the brands Bingocams UK and PlaySunny UK, for Gogame Partners tracking links. Please do so asap because after July 31st we no longer support tracking of the old BingocamsPartners tracking links.

Login into your Gogame account and go to ‘Promo Tools’ -> ‘Get your Ads’.
Select the Merchant you want and get your tracking links.

ps: this does not apply to JackpotSlotty

Fill in Banking details
Please make sure to that account and banking details for all your affiliate accounts in Gogame Partners are up-to-date. For a smooth proces of the monthly payments, you need to make sure your banking details are filled in correctly and that you have selected the right currency at Electronic Transfer (GBP).

Log in to your Gogame account and go to ‘My Account’ -> ‘Affiliate Payment Preferences’ and follow these steps:

1 – Select the correct currency at Electronic Transfer (GBP) (dropdown menu).
2 – Fill in your First Name, Last Name or Company Name. Fill in the corresponding name/company name of the given IBAN. You can fill in your company name at First Name and Last Name fields. For example: Dazzletag (first name) Entertainment LTD (last name) or Dazzletag (first name), LTD (last name).
3 – Fill in your IBAN and bank account number. IBAN is required.
4 – Name of your bank and Swift code.
5 – Your bank address
6 – To submit your details ‘Confirm your password’ on top of the page.

Once again our new contact details:
Mick: (Head of Affiliates)
Erica: (Head of Marketing)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your affiliate manager or send an email to

Best regards,
Team Gogame Partners

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